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Tools and Cord Links Page

TOOLS and Cord:

-Mixed Info on Tools:
- ?: What's the weirdest tool you've used while working cord? in PCC

Cord Joining:
tip: by Brian Scocchio: I gut about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of one end, melt the other end and then stick it in the gutted end. Immediately start rolling back and forth between fingers. Lightly melt the frayed gutted end and again rub between fingers. That has worked pretty well for me.
tip: by Jake Rainsford: I reach for the sewing kit! Put the ends together as if they were being fused and stitch them together. Melt the outer sheath after its done. Holds well
tip: by Longlever Weekend Gunners: If you can hide the joint a simple staple works wonders and holds like mad.
- Manny's Method: PHOTO-TUTO by Mike Hollman - VIDEO TUTO by Paracord Joining originally in photos by Manuel Zambrano
- singe two ends of paracord using a lighter: VIDEO TUTO by ExtremePara

Cord Material:
- Atwood 550 paracord is nylon and some more info in PCC

Cord Shrinking:
? Does paracord shrinks when it hits water in general ...  in PCC

Cord Storage:
? by Jim Silvey: what types of storage boxes/tackle boxes do you use?
donut: way to wind paracord:
How to make a paracord donut by paracordcentral

Jig (for making bracelets and such)
- PVC pipe jig: photo of James Sarge Buffvideo of Marge Quattrociocche
Traveling Paracord Jig with Storage by Desertsquirrel3
Yardstick Paracord Jig by Desertsquirrel3, on pntrst

Lacing Needles:
- pictorial, by ?

- pointy tools to tighten and such: " Fids are wood. Marlinspikes are metal. Lacing needles are sometimes called fids, although I'm not sure why." by knot grouch

Photo Making:
? shadow box: how to built ... for taking better pictures TimothyDav in PCC

Show Your Colors:
- beads for bracelet or necklace: photo by Paul Wilcox

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