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Closure Links:

Pinboard = Knot a ClosureBlog) = on Blog, -link) = just a link, -Pint) = on Pinterest,  BlPi) = on Blog and Pinterest,
buttons to close with a loop: on 'Stopper
Closure with Buckles:
Blog) buckle attachment: Rawk's Knotorials: Knotorial 01 - Buckle Attachment
Blog) Trilobite on a buckle, MISSING LINK
Closure with Clasps:
Blog) Double Cobra Belt/Collar using a single core ~William Andrew Welch Jr.
Closure with Findings:
-link) anchor finding -photo- ~Rudy Wisse
Closure with Knots:
Blog) Cow Hitch: Single Strand Cow Hitch ~Dman pictorial
-link) elasttic bracelet -photo~Georges Bayot - bracelet réalisé par mon ami nicola (nicmataf)...
Blog) Thwart a Pick Pocket: Paracordist How To Use ... Diamond Knot Zipper Pulls to <= video_tut
Closure with Toggles:
Blog) Belt: BUZZARD BUSHCRAFT: Paracord Belt photo_text_tuto

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